Irena Grobelska-Gauthier was born in Koszalin, a town in west Pomerania in the north of Poland. She became interested in photography through a friend of her mother’s, who was a professional photographer.

In 1979 she became a secretary at the Polish regional Radio TV and came into contact with journalists and technicians. She bought her first professional camera, a Russian Zenit, at Odessa during a cruise on the Black Sea, and went into serious photography, developing her photos in her “lab” in the family’s bathroom.

In 1989 she married a Frenchman and came to live in the Ardèche. A few years later her daughter, Catherine, inherited her passion for photography. She created a photography workshop in St Joseph’s school in St Ambroix in the Gard.

In 2008, she became a member of the photography club in Bessèges, and this gave her the chance to develop her knowledge and to meet well-known artists during conferences and workshops organised by the association Rencontres Cévenoles de la Photographie. From 2014 onwards, she has also been a member of Clin d’Oeil Cévenol an association bringing together painters, sculptors and photographers from all over the region.

On a photographic level, she uses a Pentax, and she does not touch up her photos digitally. Her work covers several fields: landscapes near and far, towns covering streets, adverts, people, Street Art, as well as the architecture of large structures of concrete, steel and glass that reveal visual effects through materials, lighting and contrasts, etc.

The photographer listens to her emotions, and thus captures the right moment or an unexpected angle, which she then shares with us.

The great photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson, once wrote, “To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart.”

This sentence seems to guide Irena in her work!

Written by Aniela B. translated by Frances Harper